How to use Windows Server 2003 VPS

Unlike all of other our Windows installation unfortunately with Windows Server 2003 you have to take an extra step to gain access to Windows Remote Desktop (RDP).
To do this you have to log in via VNC or noVNC for the first time (You have to do this only once)

First, Please wait for 10 - 15 minutes after you have ordered a server (During this time our system installs your server)

After making an order please go to Client Area > Login > Services > Choose the right VPS server and then click on VNC > Click on 'Launch HTML 5 VNC Client' and a new page will open.
On this page, you will see the Windows login page. Click on Ctrl + Alt + Delete on the right-hand side and just press enter to log in (with the username Administrator and EMPTY password - You should leave the password blank)

Once you have done that then you can connect to the Windows by using Windows Remote Desktop or similar software.
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