How do I cancel my service and when can I do it?

Firstly, we are very sorry to see you want to leave us. Please contact us directly from here if you have faced any problem before you request a cancellation as we are sure we can fix it for you :)
WARNING: By canceling your service our system will automatically terminate your service so please be careful.

Please follow the instruction below:

Step1: First login to your Control Panel from:

Then click on 'Services'

Click on your VPS server which you want to 'cancel' if you have multiple VPS servers please select the right VPS

Step2: Click on 'Request Cancellation'

Step3: 1. Write down the reason you wish to cancel the service
2. Cancellation Type, In this field you can decide if you do not need the server right away or you wish to keep it by end of the billing cycle.
3. Then click on 'Request Cancellation'


That's it. You will see the following message 'Thank You. Your cancellation request has been submitted. If you have done this in error, open a support ticket to notify us immediately or your account may be terminated.'

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