How can I upgrade my VPS to a higher plan or a longer term plan?

It is possible to upgrade your VPS plan either to a longer term or to a higher plan with higher resources allocated to your VPS server.

1. What should I do if I want to upgrade my current VPS to a higher VPS plan?
If you wish to upgrade your VPS plan to a higher VPS plan, please first open a ticket with our support department and ask them if there are any available resources on the node (the node is the server that your VPS is located on).

Scenario A (Not always possible)
You have to process the upgrade and pay the difference. However, if not enough resources available

Scenario B (Recommended)
Always a fresh install is recommended. Most of the time we are out of resources, so a clean install is recommended, however, please make sure you do backup your data as all the data will be wiped out.

Scenario C
If you do not want a fresh install and want to keep the current data and configuration, then you can pay one time $25 fee, and we will migrate your VPS to a new node and perform the upgrade (Please note, it takes few hours to complete their request)

2. What should I do if I want to upgrade my current plan to a longer-term plan and get the discount as well?
For example, if you wish to upgrade your monthly plan to a yearly plan then simply

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